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I teach the following courses through local art organizations in the suburban communities around Boston, privately, and online. For current locations and more information contact me.


Workshop: The Interaction of Color

This is a four week workshop exploring Joseph Albers exercises to train your eye to better see color and value . This classic course, still taught in many art schools, will give you the knowledge to make informed color choices when drawing, painting, or developing videos and installations. Learning outcomes: awareness of the relativity of color, value verses hue, the importance of experimentation before theory.

Painting Practicum

Painting Practicum is a self-directed program of instruction in small groups or private sessions. Students identify challenges and objective through creating work and keeping journals. 

Develop your Drawing Skills

For the novice or experienced artist, this 18 session course of instruction begins with line and progresses through the fundementals of drawing and leads to developing one's own style based on interests. Historical references, readings, and critical discussions make up one third of the program, the second third is independent drawing , and classwork the remaining third. This course may be taken in person or online. 

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