My paintings are reactions to the vicissitudes of living in an imperfect world.

Focusing on the dynamic interplay of the sea, tides, wind, birds, and constantly changing atmosphere where I reside in Mid-Coast Maine, I document natural phenomena and man-made things placed in the environment and paint them into constructed metaphorical landscapes and abstract paintings. I study  colors, forms, lines, and patterns in tidal flats, runnels and ripple formations, reflections in channels, and how birds feed off exposed clams and crabs. I recreate their textures, hues, and the various atmospheric conditions: fog, the dawn’s early light, clouds breaking with pinpointed rays of light glinting off an undulating high tide. I examine aquatic and shoreline plants, in different seasons; I like how sea grass flows underwater or how it settles on and between rocks and glistens a vibrant yellow, and sea lavender’s delicate flowers in summer and branching barren structure in winter. I make notations about the colors of boats, buoys, and flotations. These studies and weather observations contribute to my vocabulary of lines and gestures which I use to compose rhythms and moods: the excitement of the storms, and serenity of sunsets, or dreary fog.